How To Perk Up Wilting Hydrangeas


I love keeping fresh flowers (hydrangeas and peonies are my absolute favorite) around the house, but nothing is more frustrating than having them wilt after a few days in the vase. Since I definitely do not have a green thumb, today's quick tip is tried and true advice a florist gave me a few years ago (while purchasing a bouquet of freshly cut hydrangeas) about bringing the wilting flowers back to life.

1. Remove flowers and refill vase with warm water (above room temperature, hydrangeas love warm water).
2. With a diagonal cut, trim at least 1-2" off of the bottom of the stem. Hydrangea stems are especially thick so make sure you get a good, angled cross-section.
3. Cut off most of the leaves where they meet the stem, especially ones that are yellowing. It's okay to leave a few, but hydrangea leaves drink a lot of water, which means less water for the flower.
4. Put flowers back in the vase and let them sit for a few hours away from direct sunlight and heat sources. In about 2-3 hours they'll be nice and full! Repeat as necessary.

While I wouldn't consider it groundbreaking, this process has worked for me every time ... and I've even had some bouquets last a few weeks!


  1. Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers I will definitely be trying out some of these tips!


  2. Good tips. I do this too and flowers last along time, also if you have some plant food like the florist provides, to add a bit of that to the fresh water. I'm sure there must be a diy make your own version out there somewhere!
    Your desk looks major fab!

    1. Oh, great idea. Will have to look into it! Thanks, love!


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