Noteworthy: Late January Edition


Oh, January. It's been so cold and so snowy here that I've definitely been slacking in the exercise and wellness department. After jumping into the new year full force, I easily forget how important mental and physical health is for my overall wellbeing (can't #makeithappen if I'm sick in bed from running myself down). But the work-life-sweat balance has been especially tricky since I've been taking on more and more freelance projects (which I also couldn't be happier about). In February, though, I'm making it a point to be better at setting aside some time to work out, relax and unplug. And to get us all geared up for the month ahead, a few noteworthy finds ...

(Wishfully?) thinking that a fun new water bottle will be the solution to my winter dehydration problem, loving this one from BKR  |  GOOP approved yoga gear that's as functional as it is flattering  ( I love this top and these pants)  |  My all-time favorite organic peel for at-home "spa" days (I love their entire organic skincare line)  |  Find the all natural elixir for your winter blues/stress/etc.  |  A tee with a stylish sense of humor by What About Yves

What's on your radar this month? Any tips for staying healthy this winter? I'm all ears!



  1. I love this! I definitely need to make more of a commitment to health in February. That GOOP approved gear may just be the ticket!

    Chelsea & The City

    1. Cute workout clothes = perfect motivation to get back into working out,right? :)


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