"These Jeans Make Me Feel Like I Can Walk on Water"


Okay, so I owe that quote to the woman who rung me up over at Madewell the other day, but oh man are these jeans amazing. I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of coated jeans, and until last week had been unsuccessful. Most of the other jeans I tried on didn't fit quite right or had some sort of weird seams or stitching. I'm picky about my denim – I rarely find a pair that actually fits, are comfortable, and super flattering. I know you ladies know what I'm talking about.

But oh, these jeans. They have the perfect balance of stretch and structure (unlike a lot of skinny jeans),  and the coated finish makes them perfect for dressing up or down (they pair perfectly with my "Billie" booties). I've worn them out, worn them to meetings, and they will definitely be in heavy rotation this holiday party season. Let's just say that these jeans are some sort of miracle.


  1. They are cute! I need new black jeans!!!!!!

  2. Adorable! Looks very comfy too

    xoxo Zoe

  3. Those are really great looking, I really like how they fit!


  4. I am in love with the new Madewell jeans! Haven't bought the coated ones yet, but have the high rise skinny and the zip ankle pair. So stretchy and perfect.
    The Pumpkin Spot

    1. They're definitely the most flattering jeans I own! I've gotten so much wear out of these already :)


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