Four Blogs to Bookmark


Lately I've been feeling the need for a little visual refresh, so I've been drawn to (neutrals and) blogs that serve as mini journals. I really love seeing and reading about people's lives around the world, especially creatives with a distinct sense of style ...

A Piece of Toast | Written by two stylish twenty-something sisters (Sally and Molly) who live in Dallas. I love their fresh and relatable photo journal style.

Smitten Studio | I love Sarah's minimalist/West Coast style, and I've really loved watching the progress in Sarah's cabin renovation (seriously, she's creating the perfect little lakeside escape). Her Instagram is always on point, too.

I Love Your Style | Remember my post about her book? Amanda's photo-heavy blog is sort of an extension of that. Her posts are a mix of style, collections of inspiration, and daily life on her farm (in case you didn't hear – she currently lives on a farm in England, after leaving her position as fashion director of Barneys New York in 2012).

Gary Pepper Girl | Beautiful fashion editorial-style posts from her travels around the world. She's currently in Paris (#travelenvy).

What blogs have you bookmarked lately?

all photos via blogs above


  1. I adore Amanda Brooks' blog. Her book is amazing as well. Can't get enough.
    The Pumpkin Spot

  2. i follow gary pepper girl on envy- indeed!


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