Too Much Thinking ...


Just popping in with a little something that caught my eye on Pinterest today. I'm totally guilty of this, so this was a nice little kick in the butt reminder this afternoon! Happy Wednesday :)


  1. hi there! this is my work! :) i found your blog through someone pinning my work and noticed that they pinned from a blog! i post my lettering "practice" on a board in pinterest called Hand Lettering Practice." ( thanks so much for posting. :) i'm honored!

    ps. this was something i had been telling myself since i was so busy getting "inspired" by other people's work and not really creating anything myself! :D so when certain simple realizations like this come to mind, i just letter those phrases.

  2. Thanks for letting me know, Torrie! I've updated the link/credit to direct right to your Pinterest board (which I love). It's such a lovely illustration that I can relate to a little too often ;)


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