The Spring Edit: Art Under $100


Starting an art collection as a twenty-something can seem expensive and undoable, but thanks to the internet (and Etsy) we now have access so many amazing artists around the globe.

Buying art is such a personal experience – it's about finding what speaks to you. It's one of those things when you know when you've found the right piece because it just moves you. And it can be affordable, too. Many artists sell print versions of their originals for a fraction of the price, and the best art collections are developed over time (as in don't go out and buy 15 prints at the same time for the sake of filling up your gallery wall).

Below are some of my favorite resources and shops for art – everything from photography to typography – by artists who sell prints and originals for under $100, so you'll never be tempted to tape posters up on your walls again ...


+ Elizabeth Mayville: Prints of light-filled gouache paintings (my favorites are the "hair art" series)
+ Garance Dore Boutique: a selection of bold & stylish prints of illustrations that have appeared on her blog (the posters are $40)
+ Gretchen Kelly Studio: original sketches & paintings of nudes
+ Rebecca Atwood: newly opened shop by textile designer, Rebecca Atwood, full of gorgeous one-of-a-kind painted prints in vintage frames
+ Lulie Wallace: Abstract paintings of colorful flowers (the prints sell out fast!)
+ Minted: wide range of art prints (and some photography) by various artists from across the globe
+ Caitlin McGauley: prints of vibrant watercolor illustrations of people, places & things
+ Note to Self Print Shop: clean and simple; black & white sketches and quotations
+ everything from prints of vintage Vogue covers to Warhol prints to Matisse masterpieces (also great for photography!)
+ Rifle Paper Co.: prints of Anna Bond's original gouache paintings; florals, hand lettering & a definite vintage-inspired feel
+ Anek: Food inspired illustrations & prints
+ Furbish Studio: a colorful selection of prints from a variety of artists


+ Leigh Viner: photos of people & places; some restored vintage photos
+ Kari Herer Photography: a mix of illustration, flower styling & photography (I have one on my nightstand!)
+ Sharon Montrose / The Animal Print Shop: amazing (and adorable) up-close photos of animals
+ Irene Suchocki / Eye Poetry Photography: dreamy travel and landscape photography with an emphasis on Paris

I would love to know – do you have any favorite artists or shops? Leave your favorites in the comments below!


  1. I LOVE that Leigh Viner photo at the top. I think that might have to make it's way into my bedroom immediately. I think buying art is more than just expensive - it's intimidating. Hopefully if we start now, we'll better establish our tastes and be more confident when it comes time to drop big money on originals.

    1. I agree – it can be completely intimidating. I think art collections are supposed to grow with us (I'm fully for mixing high with low) so instead of just replacing the art we buy now, we can add the originals we purchase down the line to our collections and have something that grows to be completely "us."

  2. I love love love the bobby pin piece. I've also been really GirlandParrot zodiac prints on etsy and Todd Hunter abstracts.

    1. Ooh, I'll have to check those out! Thanks for sharing. xx

  3. Thank you for linking to my website! Have a great week.

    1. You're very welcome! Congratulations on opening your shop – everything is gorgeous.


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