Book Club: Zelda, Diana & Grace


I love stories about people's lives and experiences ... why they are the way they are ... the people/places/moments that have inspired them most ... the way they saw and experienced happenings and events. Everyone's story is unique. Which is why I can't get enough of these books about Zelda, Diana and Grace.

Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald I just finished this book, and I loved it. It's written like a first-hand account of Zelda Fitzgerald's life, but is actually fiction. The author did such a great job of following the actual history of the Fitzgeralds, taking stories and facts about their highs and lows as a couple, writing as if she were Zelda. It's a quick read that transports you right to the Jazz Age. Highly recommend.

If you're a Jazz Age or Fitzgerald fan I also recommend reading Gatsby's Girl.

D.V.  I'm about 70 pages in, but what I really love about Diana Vreeland's autobiography is that it's written like she speaks (at times it is hard to follow) so it feels like we're having a conversation. It's a glimpse into the eye of one the most colorful and influential ladies in fashion – highlights of experiences, places and people she found important throughout her life.

Did you know she also wrote a column for Harper's Bazaar called "Why Don't You?" where she made fashionable (and sometimes extravagant) suggestions on ways to better ones life ... "Why don't you paint a map of the world on all four walls of your boys' nursery so they won't grow up with a provincial point of view?" 

Grace: A Memoir – This autobiography is next on my list (I've only read the first chapter), but it opens with Grace talking about The September Issue & her childhood in Wales. I think it will be interesting to see how the fashion industry has transformed since she started back in the 50s and 60s. Definite bonus: the fabulous little illustrations by Ms. Coddington scattered throughout the book.

Do you have any must-read recommendations for autobiographies or books? I'm looking to bulk up my summer reading list!


  1. All three of these are definitely on my reading list! I'm reading Lean In right now, and the amazing Audrey article in May's Vanity Fair, but if you haven't read The Paris Wife yet you HAVE TO. So good.

  2. Ooh I hadn't heard of either Z or Gatsby's Girl, so I'm definitely going to pick those up ASAP!

    I second The Paris Wife as well!!!! So so so good!

  3. Must get my hands on Z! Thanks for the recommendation, lady!

  4. Ok, definitely adding The Paris Wife to my list! Z is an absolute must read if you only read one. Thanks for the recommendations ladies :)

  5. I read Grace a couple months ago and just wrote about it on my blog yesterday! Z is on my to-read list and now I need to add the Diana Vreeland memoir. I agree with everyone about The Paris Wife- it's a really great read. I think I'm going to read The Great Gatsby next before the movie comes out!

    star-crossed smile

  6. Anonymous6:51:00 PM

    Hah I was going to say that if you're recommending Z, you should read The Paris Wife. Glad to see others agree, but I need to reiterate, it's a great and moving read! -AM


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