Throw a DIY Bouquet Lunch


There's nothing quite as lovely as a fresh bouquet of flowers, right? While we wait for warmer weather, why don't you gather your girlfriends and throw an easy DIY Bouquet Lunch?

the bouquets

  1. Ahead of time, prep the jars/cans by spray painting the outside with copper paint. Let dry per the instructions on the paint can.
  2. Choose a color family (like blush, white & peach) or a complimentary palette and ask guests to each bring a bouquet or two of flowers of that hue.
  3. Set up a table with your painted copper jars, scissors, and a pitcher of water. Unwrap & lay out yours and the guests' flowers in the center of the table. 
  4. Have everyone choose a vase to mix, match and style their own bouquet (make sure to trim the bottom of each stem with a diagonal cut before styling!). Voila! You and your guests each have a  hand-crafted, beautiful bouquet!

the menu

Create a simple make-your-own salad station complete with baby greens and assorted vinaigrettes,  toppings like walnuts, goat cheese, figs, blueberries or other seasonal fruit.

Serve a signature drink like an elderflower cocktail (great recipe here) & sip it out of these adorable floral straws.

P.S. a Pinterest board full of beautiful floral inspiration


  1. Anonymous8:51:00 PM

    This would be beautiful...and definitely a great way to jump start spring :) I really like the idea of a DIY salad bar, so fun!

  2. This may be one of my favorite ideas ever!!

    1. Thank you, Miss Julie! You'll have to let me know if you try it!


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