What to Wear to Yoga


I'm coming up on my one year yoga anniversary (which I can't believe), so I thought I'd share advice on one of the questions I had before I got started: what in the world are you supposed to wear and bring to a yoga class?

Starting something new is always a little intimidating, but not knowing what to wear can throw you off and make your first experience less enjoyable than it should be. I practice vinyasa yoga which is a faster-paced style with an emphasis on connecting movements with breath. It can get intense and pretty hot in the room, so my recommendations are definitely based on the experiences I've had in those classes, but I think these few basics would work for just about any yoga class.

1. A Mat. It doesn't have to be anything fancy or crazy expensive. My first mat cost about $5 because I wanted to be sure I'd be sticking with it. If you're serious about your practice, I highly recommend lululemon's "the mat." I got it for my birthday and have never looked back.
Recommended mats: lululemon, $68 / Gaiam, $20

2. Hair Tie. You'll want to keep your hair out of your face during your practice. I usually pull mine back into a ponytail or ballet bun. A sweat wicking headband is great because it keeps sweat from dripping into your eyes, but not totally necessary if you're just starting out.
Recommended hair accessories: Anthropologie, $12 / lululemon, $14 (headband)

3. Yoga Pants. I find fitted, stretch pants to be the easiest to move in. You'll likely be doing a lot of moving, so it's nice to have pants that stay in place. It's not fun to have to adjust your clothes throughout the practice.
Recommended yoga pants: Old Navy, $20Gap, $50 / lululemon, $82

4. AFitted Top, Sports Bra. Any old cotton tee shirt will do, but again, keep it fitted. A sports bra, for obvious reasons.
Recommended tops: Target, $13 / lululemon, $58

5. Water. Self explanatory, and often the thing I forget.
Recommended bottle: Takeya, $18

Other helpful things to bring: a mat towel or hand towel for a sweaty session, socks if you don't feel comfortable being barefoot

P.S. don't be shy letting the instructor know it's your first attempt at downward dog :)
P.P.S. Remember the 5 things yoga has taught me?


  1. Love this. So I've been a bit behind in blogging (can you believe the last time was in November?), but in the gap time I've been doing yoga pretty consistently. Have you tried out the Manduka mats at all? I've told myself that if I add in a consistent home practice in addition to classes, I'll treat myself to a new mat!

    1. I haven't ever used a Manduka mat, but I really, really love my lululemon. No slipping, no towel needed ... the only downside is that it's on the heavy side. Your mat can definitely make or break your practice, so I vote for you treating yourself :)

      P.S. Sometimes a little hiatus is just what we need.

    2. Good to know. I just saw lululemon released its Pure Mat, which intrigues me. I overheard some ladies at yoga last night complaining about their lululemon mats being a little stinky (even with cleaning/mat wash), so I figured I'd ask! My trusty Gaiam mat has served me well but I feel like it's time to move onto something a little stickier.

    3. It definitely has a rubber smell to it but that fades over time. I'm sure their pure mat is pretty great too. Let me know what you end up with! xx

  2. Love this! I've been wanting a lululemon mat for a while and I think you just sold me!

    1. It's 100% worth it! You won't ever want to use another mat :)


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