A French Influence


For as long as I can remember, I've been drawn to all things French. I love French style ... French food ... I love the amorous, fluid language ... and I read about it all as often as possible.  I'm itching to make the journey to France, but for now I'm thrilled whenever I come across a new book or blog about the French culture (they serve as a temporary cure for my wanderlust, at least).

There are a few sources that have become my go-to's for a peek into everyday French life, some that I've discovered as recently as last week.  I know that some of you are fellow Francophiles, so go ahead, turn up Edith's "La Vie En Rose" and immerse yourself in some French culture today.

clickable links: 

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  1. Manger & Paris in Four Months are two of my favorite sources of French inspiration as well - great selection of blogs/books/photographers/etc.

    1. Merci! If you have any other recommendations I'm all ears :)

  2. Anonymous5:00:00 PM

    Love the way you laid out the post! Btw, what font did you use for the urls in the image? Thanks! Checking out Manger & Paris in Four Months right now xx


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