Tomboy Style


One of my favorite things in fashion is the unexpected pairing, which is why these images I bookmarked from Emerson Fry's Fall collection are serving as major inspiration as I work on refining my personal style. Usually I'm not a sneaker girl, but I've really been loving the idea of mixing tailored, feminine pieces with casual accessories for a polished tomboy look. It's almost Parisian-inspired with the simple silhouettes and masculine elements ... and I'm loving it.

3 simple ways to make tomboy style work

1. Mix masculine and feminine elements throughout your outfit like chic sneakers with sexy cigarette pants or heels and a baseball cap.
2. Wear at least one tailored piece like a blazer or fitted trousers. This makes sure you look polished, not sloppy.
3. Add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral palette of tweeds, grays and blacks.

What do you think, will you give polished tomboy style a try?


  1. I really love this. I own way too many blazers, but they really are perfect. I love that tweed jacket!
    The Pumpkin Spot

    1. Me too! If it was in my budget, I'd own the whole Emerson Fry collection. xx

  2. Love this! I needed a new way to wear a baseball hat on bad hair days.


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