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There are weeks where I feel like I have a million exciting things to share, and there are weeks when I feel like I have nothing. It's those weeks where I feel uninspired when realize I need to stop and take time to just listen and be ... and the inspiration will naturally follow. This week happened to be one of those "off" weeks, but the good news is I came across quite a few inspiring things I just had to share ...

SHOP: I am in LOVE with this Rifle Paper Co. wrap and am planning on scooping up a few sheets this weekend to use in a future project.

READ + FOLLOW: Ann Street Studio
I happened upon this dreamy website, and needless to say I'm currently living vicariously through Jamie & Kevin's travels. I also highly recommend following Jamie on Instagram (@_frommetoyou) for a daily dose of beautiful photos.

SEE: I can't get over the fact that Miranda Brooks' beautiful home is in Brooklyn. Can we talk about her custom de Gournay wallpaper (see why that Rifle Paper wrap caught my eye?) and that gorgeous garden? Talk about amazing use of space.

WEAR: Completely inspired by this photo (originally via Vogue Magazine), I'd love to be wearing a chunky knit sweater like this with a chic little menswear inspired hat like this all weekend.

What are your weekend plans? I'm excited to have some time to myself to watch classic movies I've never seen and tackle some hands-on projects around my apartment. As always, you can follow along on Twitter & Instagram :)


  1. I adore Rife Paper Co + I'm hoping to order their invitations for my wedding. They are amazing!
    The Pumpkin Spot

    1. Oh their wedding invitations are so stunning! You'll have to share if you do :)

  2. Jamie and Kevin's life is terrible for someone with a bad case of wanderlust. I love them so much!

    1. I know, I can't believe I just discovered their beautiful site. I'm completely hooked ( and slightly jealous)!


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