The Winter Wardrobe "Blahs"


My yearly dilemma: it's cold, it's dark, and even my morning coffee isn't waking me up. The only thing I feel like wearing are my pajamas and cozy socks. I'll admit it ... in the winter my style definitely suffers.

As much as I adore fall, I am so not a winter person ... at all. I never quite feel like I have the perfect wardrobe (because I never want to buy winter-y things), so instead I search for easy ways to make what I already have work with a few minor tweaks. After some major pinning sprees, I narrowed my inspiration down to 3 specific & simple ways I plan on perking up my winter wardrobe this year.

For instant glamour ...

Take a page out of Alicia's (of cheetah is the new black) book and rock a fun fur collar with a cable knit sweater. So perfect!

For easy chic ...

Black on black on black. Simple, slimming, and always chic, how easy would it be to pull together an ensemble à la Emerson Fry?

For cozy & cute ... 

Layer it up! Lace, fair isle, leopard, chambray ... throw on a few different layers of patterns & textures for a cozy, but cute look. Check out Blair Eadie's Atlantic-Pacific for lots of layering inspiration.

What are some of your favorite ways to beat the winter wardrobe "blahs?"

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  1. Surprisingly, I love dressing for winter for the very reason you listed in number 3! Layering is one of my favorite pastimes - lol. And Blair is the QUEEN of layering. Is it weird that I think "WWBD" every morning standing in my closet?!

    xx, Julie

    1. Can you send some of that winter style love my way? ;)

      P.S. I always look to Blair for outfit inspiration ... so definitely not!

  2. I really want to try incorporating some fur into my wardrobe! Fabulous inspiration pics!

  3. I am thinking that I made need faux fur to perk up in the dreary weather. I spend way too much time in my PJs this time of year.

  4. I feel the same way when it comes to winter fashion!! I'm too chilly in the mornings to even think about what to wear. Love your easy ideas to spice up the basics this season.

    Saguaros & Stilettos


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