If Holiday Window Displays Could Talk


A funny little number to officially kick off this holiday weekend from the always hilarious Sarah. What would your favorite extravagant department store holiday windows say if they could talk?

Aside from gifts, themed cocktails, merriment and begrudgingly spending time with loved ones, the best part of the holiday season are the decorations. And none can surpass those of department store windows, whose competitive displays set new standards that seem to escalate with every passing year. However, their beauty and sheer decadence does not come without sacrifice. Each window tells an insinuated story either about the artist or their underlying message, and I've been so kind to elaborate and divulge the secrets of some of 2012's most exquisite holiday displays. All images via Vanity Fair.

This gold-leafed, clove-studded roast bird may have been pardoned by Obama at Thanksgiving this year — but not the fashion industry. (Liberty)
The souls of the interns working on this display are eternally trapped within each snow globe, giving it an extra hint of authenticity. (Saks Fifth Avenue)

While Bart's dreams of being the 'happiest little pirate' were shattered long ago, the recent sting of barely missing the 'head intern' title was still a fresh wound. He turned his sorrows into art, laying them on the capable shoulders of his boy mannequin. (Liberty)
In this economy, aging showgirls will pass up little for an under-the-table paycheck. NYC taxes are a bitch.  (Bergdorf Goodman)
Much to the dismay of Mrs. Claus, Santa "discovered" himself this year and traded in his outdated sleigh for something more *fabulous*. (Selfridges)
"Just throw some unicorns in there. Bitches love unicorns." (Printemps)

Happy Holidays!

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