Get Crafty: DIY Holiday Kissing Ball


Happy Thursday! Today, Hannah, a lovely designer & illustrator (who I get to work with on an almost daily basis), is showing us how to add a little holiday greenery (and steal a few extra kisses) this holiday season. She has me convinced I need to swap out my mistletoe with one of these lovelies!

I love the idea of making your own holiday decorations, especially those made out of natural elements. This time of year we are surrounded by so many beautiful greens that are surprisingly easy to work with!

These holiday boughs were originally created as a way to "grace passageways" and were hung as an omen of goodwill.  The design of this holiday tradition became more and more elaborate and the herbs chosen were not only for their beauty but their symbolic value (Lavender = loyalty and devotion, thyme = courage, and mistletoe = romance). Throughout the years, the kissing ball began to emphasize romance more than anything. Dancers swooped under the kissing ball for a peck and single ladies stood in line hoping for a kiss from potential suitors. Today I am presenting the kissing ball to you as a fun, creative, and easy way to decorate this year. Add your own flare to it! And hey, a few extra kisses this season can't hurt.

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  1. This is really pretty! I wish I lived near the woods so that I could go collect pretty greenery.

    1. Anytime I need some pretty greens in the city I just head to a park! Thanks for popping by! xx


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