Get Crafty: DIY Glitzy Wine Corks


To start off this crafty Wednesday, Jess from the always well curated blog, Curating Styleis here to show you a simple, but chic way to add a little pop & glitz to your hostess gift ... take it away, Jess!

Thanks, Melissa! I'm excited to share with the atelier readers a little DIY I created just in time for holiday fanfare. With less than four weeks until Christmas, the holiday season is definitely upon us! It can be tough coming up with fun (yet inexpensive) hostess gifts, so why not do it yourself? I like to bring a nice bottle of wine to either compliment a meal or to contribute to a growing wine collection, and a sparkly DIY wine cork makes the memory sweeter.

This DIY project is so simple, I'm almost embarrassed to call it that. But not everyone is a natural crafter and not everyone has time to spare, so this DIY is quick, easy, and best of all, glittery!

My trick for this project is to use nail polish instead of paint to reduce the number of things you have to try and find before starting it. If you're anything like me, you have too many bottles of glittery nail polish to use up!

All you need are the following items:

Replacement wine corks (I found a pack of four for $2.99 at Target, Chefmate brand - similar)
Nail polish (colorful, glittery)
Clear nail polish/top coat
Thin brush for detailing (optional)

Step 1. Put down a paper towel or magazine in case of spillage. Layer at least two coats of nail polish, letting dry between layers.

Step 2. Add a layer of glitter or decoration! Go crazy. You can paint the entire cork, making it look like a shiny Kate Spade bauble, or add a sprinkle of gold stars for some festive fun. If you have a thin detailing brush, try out monograms or designs.

Step 3. Let your cork completely dry before covering in the clear top coat. This will seal in your design and make it shiny just like it would your nails.

Step 4. Affix your cork to the neck of a nice bottle of wine for a glittery, frugal hostess gift!

[ If you have acrylic paints, small brushes, and Mod Podge at home, feel free to use these instead of nail polishes too. ]

Enjoy! Don't forget to open a bottle of wine to sip on as you work on your corks.


  1. Haha, I love how simple it is! Definitely great for the craft-challenged (me).

    1. I'm also craft-challenged, hence the simplicity of this DIY. Plus, anything that requires a lot of new supplies always stresses me out. Glad you like it!


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