How Can You Help?


This week has certainly been a strange one. Everything has felt so "off" since Sandy hit earlier this week, but I feel very fortunate to have gotten through safely, and that all of my friends and family on the East Coast are safe and sound.

I grew up in New Jersey, and know so many people who live in Manhattan, so seeing and hearing about the damage firsthand hits especially close to home. My heart breaks for the people who lost everything. But my heart also swells with happiness seeing how amazing people can be. Communities coming together, people donating food, clothes, money (hotel rooms!) and volunteering their time ... it's truly inspiring.

This weekend, I encourage you to be one of those amazing people. There are so many ways you can help, even if you're far removed from the center of it. One of the easiest ways to contribute is to donate $10 to the Red Cross by texting the word REDCROSS to 90999. To see more ways you can help, check out this article over here.

Your contributions, although seemingly small, can make a huge difference in someone else's life. Go ahead and "lighten the burden of another"and have a really great weekend!

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