Newport, Rhode Island


A few weeks ago, I took a much needed vacation. I had been long overdue for some R&R – seriously, I don't think I'd had off more than 3 days in a row for over 2 years (although I did manage to squeeze in a mini trip to NYC this August!). So the boyfriend and I packed up and drove off to Newport, Rhode Island. It was romantic, relaxing and amazing, and I completely and totally unplugged. That's right – no instagramming, tweeting, Facebooking, emailing ... nothing. It was REFRESHING.

Our trip can be summed up in 4 parts: adventures, sunsets, wine & that jacket.

The Cliff Walk came highly recommended to us by friends – it was beautiful on the first day of fall ...
I couldn't get enough of the Rosecliff estate (aka where our favorite, The Great Gatsby was filmed) ...
Tried our first lobster rolls, and now we're hooked! ...
We had a few sunset picnics at Brenton Point ...
and watched some amazing sunsets at the wharfs while sipping & shopping ...
We tried some Newport-grown wine and toured a local winery ...

... and I picked up that perfect fall jacket at J.Crew (the one you've seen in just about every photo)!

It was the first weekend of fall, so the weather was perfect. Newport wasn't deserted, but it wasn't overly crowded (I highly recommend travelling there in September if you can!). And we were somehow able to fit in just enough but not too much shopping/touring/dining/adventuring so our vacation left us feeling rested, but inspired. Newport was full of that New England seaside town charm that I had hoped for, and we left with our first pumpkin of the year, some delicious wine & a new jacket that I've barely taken off since. All in all, a successful vacation, and a reminder how necessary it is for us to "unplug to recharge" every once in a while.

Have you been to Newport or taken any trips this year? Did you dare unplug?


  1. You and your boyfriend are adorable! You're so tiny next to him :) Glad you enjoyed your weekend getaway. The pictures are beautiful.

    1. Thank you! There were so many more it was hard to edit down ... but the getaway was amazing. And he definitely has at least a foot on me ;)

  2. i am actually from newport county, my father grew up there and i've spent a few of my childhood there as well. i really love newport and i really love that 'easide town charm'.

    yes i dare to unplug. at the beginning of the summer, my fiancé and i went to my parent's beach house, left our phones on a desk in the foyer and just enjoyed life. i believe it's a good thing to do once in a while, because we get so caught up and busy with life and work and school, that sometimes we tend to forget what really matters.

    1. It's so true! Constantly being tied to a phone, worrying about social media - you miss all the good stuff. I've been trying to "unplug" more often post-vacay.

  3. Love Newport- my guy friends rented a house there all summmer. i miss those weekends!


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