Mood Board No. 1: Blush + Glimmer


Something I love to do is create mood boards. I love scouting & piecing together different patterns, textures and colors to create one cohesive message. Mood boards are, if I could choose, how I would start every one of my creative projects – it's so helpful to have a visual to share and refer back to, especially when working with clients and other creatives. They help make sure you're all on the same page.

On the flip side, they're also great when you feel totally uninspired. They make you pause and look for details, while focusing on a "bigger picture."

And so I present mood board No.1 (the first of hopefully quite a few!)...

mood board no.1: Blush + Glimmer
Inspired by: Party Shoes, Warhol & that amazing "Press for Champagne" button

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