Sweet Lemon Magazine Issue No.6


In case you hadn't heard, the latest issue of Sweet Lemon Magazine Issue its debut on Saturday ...

Just a few highlights ...
Featuring the talented Inslee Haynes of Inslee by Design was so exciting, especially because her illustrations served as some of the original inspiration for the Sweet Lemon brand. Honestly, though, how gorgeous are those water colors??
See what Carly, Paris and I are coveting for fall (it's pretty cool how each of our different styles & personalities come through on these pages) ...
See Evann's picks for enjoying New York City like a local (she gave me some seriously great tips when I went up there in August!)

Head on over to the website to read the issue from cover to cover & let me know what you think!

P.S. You can purchase some of Inslee's illustrations by clicking right here for about $20 a pop. Go ahead, you know you want to!


  1. Wait...that's me! Thanks for featuring my post, lady. Can't wait to meet you next time you're in NYC.

    Oh, and the SLM team seriously outdid itself with this issue. It's awesome!


    1. ...and by "post", I mean "article" haha.


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