Lauren VanderBroek Illustrations



Have you noticed the lovely watercolors at the bottom of my blog (and the leopard shoes on my Twitter)? Back when I knew I wanted to start a blog, one of the first things I did was ask Lauren if she would be up for working up some custom illustrations for me. Collaborating with her is always great (we've worked together on a few projects since we met in college); she is extremely talented across the board!

She was amazing to work with on this project and extremely patient (let's just say we as creative people can have very specific visions ...). She honestly was able to perfectly illustrate exactly what I had in my head. 

Thank you again, Lauren! I still can't get enough of them (and I still think you should open up a little online print shop :)

P.S. You've also seen some of her water colors in past issues of Sweet Lemon Mag!

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