Denim Vest ♥s Burgundy Lip


I'm not usually one for burgundy anything (or vests of any kind), but when I saw Alex's post a few weeks ago, the color suddenly looked fresh, and I've decided to give it another chance ... and to pair it with a denim vest.

I've mentioned it before, but I'm pretty picky about the seasonal trends I incorporate into my wardrobe. While I think it's great to experiment and find out what works for you and what doesn't, the one thing I can't stand is not feeling like myself in an outfit. There are tons of amazing ways to pull off these two fall essentials, but I definitely feel like I've pulled together a look that could work for me (and any of you out there with what I call "classic with a twist" personal style).


the hair: Top knotted. Simple and chic.

the lips: NARS pure matte lipstick in Volga. When trying to pull off a bold lip, I go straight for NARS. The colors are always on point, the lipstick is perfectly matte and never sticky. If you're trying to find your perfect shade of burgundy, head to a Sephora – this way you can test out the colors and brands on your skin tone before buying. 

the tee: James Perse white v-neck. Classic, simple and well cut. I could sing the praises of well cut tees all day.

the vest: I like that this one is a light wash, without having "trendy" holes or rips in it. (You know what I mean, though? When you go to pick up the perfect piece and it has beading or studs or rips? So frustrating.) I'd definitely wear this unbuttoned.

the trousers: To make the outfit feel "me" I'd stick with a classic black trouser and maybe cuff them at the bottom ...

the satchel & the loafers: ... and accessorize with a satchel in a neutral color & a simple loafer.

Will you be trying out either of these trends this season? How would you style them?

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