City Love


About 6 years ago around this time, I moved to the city of Philadelphia. And every year around this time, I fall head over heels with city living all over again. I call it my "city love."

It's not specifically Philadelphia that I love (though don't get me wrong it is a great city), but I just get this feeling of excitement (hello, birthday month!) and nostalgia every fall I spend living in the city. I love strolling around downtown in my light jacket and boots with a hot latte in hand, seeing the leaves change, and reading on my couch with the windows open. Maybe it's partly because I no longer stick to the seats in the subway ... but the weather is just ... perfect. And everything else seems to fall into place.

Each season, I come up with a playlist that sort of sets the tone/plays as a soundtrack to my life. In the fall, I'm drawn to blues-y, jazz-y, indie rock kind of music, so I decided to put together a little playlist that captures my "city love" mood. While you're listening, you should pop over and check out the latest Emerson Fry collection – it is the perfect pair to the playlist.

Have a lovely weekend (and let me know if there are any songs I should add to this list)!

P.S. I meant to go dark blonde, but accidentally became a brunette!


  1. Anonymous9:13:00 PM

    love love loving this playlist! and definitely enjoy Philly - I miss PA now that I'm living in the midwest. happy fall!

    1. Where in PA? Philly will always have my heart ... I think I'm just excited to make the move to NYC! Thanks for stopping by :)

    2. Anonymous11:16:00 AM

      I grew up in Bethlehem, just north of Philly! Have lots of family still in that area and I love when I get home to visit. I live out in Indianapolis now - it is so different from the northeast! Enjoy NYC, and know that I'm super jealous. It's always been my dream to live in the city! - Mary


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