A Breakfast at Tiffany's Weekend


It's officially the weekend which means my little getaway to Newport (we've never been and I can't wait) is officially one week away! If you have any favorite spots around town, please share! We're going up with very little planned and I would love any advice on places to go, things to see & do.

This weekend, I plan on breaking out one of my favorite classic movies, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and watching it on repeat (it's also on Netflix instant, in case you didn't know!). I know I'm not the only one, but I can never get enough of the flighty, but charming Holly Golightly. Even though the movie was created over 50 years ago, I would still wear every single outfit that she wore today.

Pulled from a few of my favorite scenes in the movie, here are a few fun pieces that will make you want to hop in a cab right down to Tiffany's ...

(shop, clockwise from far left)

P.S. Wouldn't this be a great Halloween costume?
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