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Do you have a signature scent? I feel like nearly all fabulous women do. Mine has been Miss Dior Chérie for the longest time (read: years and years), and while I still love that scent, I've been feeling ready to find a new fragrance that better suits me and who I am now.

Finding the perfect signature scent is more than "love at first sniff." When trying a new perfume, I either love it or hate it right away, but I've also noticed it's important how the perfume mingles with my skin, and how it lasts after the top note wears away. Because of this, I almost always buy perfume or  eau de parfum. To me, this scent represents who I am; It is a necessary complement to my wardrobe.

While browsing the beautifully merchandised Anthropologie store in NYC this weekend, I happened upon my newest signature scent: Stella by Tocca. It is exactly what I've been looking for ... the perfect combination of floral, spice and musk, and I am in love with it. It lasts all day and every time I catch a whiff of it I smile. I did opt for the smaller bottle to start to make sure I don't grow tired of it, but I honestly don't think I ever could.

What is your signature scent? Have you decided to make a switch in the past few years or do you think you'll remain loyal to the perfume you've had forever?

"A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future." - Coco Chanel, creator of the iconic scent Chanel No.5

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