Chic Spaces: Hanging Bulb Fixtures


These little fixtures have been catching my eye on Pinterest for some time now. They're so simple, but still add a lot of interest to a space.

They look amazing in the bedroom, as a "chandelier" ...
spread out in the kitchen ...
chic points for using a variety of Edison bulbs & that exposed brick wall ...
how cool do they look in this cafe? ...
and this restaurant ...
hanging over a reading chair (cue coffee and book) ...
used as lighting for an event (hello, perfect rustic/industrial wedding lighting!)

The more I look at them, the more I find it necessary to incorporate them into my space. The DIY wheels are definitely turning (so stay tuned!). How do you feel about these simple-but-chic fixtures? 

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  1. love these types of bulbs! so classic and interesting at the same time

    1. I know! I'm definitely trying to figure out ways to work them into my apartment ... it can't be too hard, right? :)


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